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Mechaniweb Inc. proposed partnership at TESDA PLO

Last June 14, 2023, the RTC – NCR Partnerships and Linkages focal Niño Enrico Nuevo and Rita Gamboa attended a meeting at the Partnerships and Linkages Office initiated by the Central Office. The meeting was regarding Mechaniweb’s proposal to form a partnership with TESDA.

Mechaniweb Inc. is a company that manages a community of digital creatives worldwide. Through the use of online education, the organization aims to teach the importance of digital creativity, as well as how to use software applications such as AutoCad, Revit, and Adobe. As well as the basic and advanced subjects covered in the training program, the program is also designed to help learners stay updated with the latest industry trends, so they can realize their full potential in their fields. Mechan Web Inc. provides digital creatives with the opportunity to network, collaborate, and share their work through its platform. Furthermore, the community offers resources that help digital creatives stay on top of industry developments. The company’s platform was presented by Jomarc Baquiran, Training Director of Mechaweb Inc.

Executive Director advised that the proposal would be considered provided it adheres to TESDA’s Training Regulations and Competency standards. In order to pilot the initiative, it was suggested that RTC-NCR could include it in the curriculum for microcredentials, and implement it to other TTIs in the future. In addition to QSO, HRDC, and e-TESDA, and other TTI’s will look into the current guidelines for how to incorporate the proposal into their own curriculums.

The meeting was attended by officers from e-TESDA Division Chief, Ms. Redilyn Agub, PIAD Chief, Rogelio Llovit Jr., HRDC Administrator, Joy Agustin, Partnership and Linkages Executive Director, Juliet Orozco, and other staff and focals of TESDA Partnership and Linkages were present at the event. A brief meeting immediately following the event was held at RTC-NCR with Center Administrator Gilbert M. Castro, to discuss and relay the outcome of the meeting with the partnership proposal of Mechaniweb Inc.

Brief meeting with RTC-NCR Center Administrator Gilbert M. Castro last June 14, 2023

From Left to Right is Mechaniweb Inc. Training Director, Jomarc Baquiran, Staff, Nelly Marullano, RTC-NCR Center Administrator, Gilbert M. Castro, Rita Gamboa, TESDS II and Niño Enrico Nuevo, Senior TESDS.

Mechaniweb Inc. and Partnership and Linkages meeting at PLO office last June 14, 2023

From left to right: Patrick Castillo-PLO, Bernadette Refuerzo,Chief-PND-PLO, Redilyn Agub, Division Chief of e-TESDA, Rogelio Llovit Jr.,Chief-PIAD, Jomarc Baquiran Mechaniweb Training Director, Juliet Orozco, Executive Director-TESDA PLO, Nella Marullano Mechaniweb Inc, Rita Gamboa,TESDS II,RTC-NCR, Niño Enrico Nuevo, Senior TESDS RTC-NCR, Susanna Paras and Lorraine Fang PLO staff.

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