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Fostering Collaboration between TESDA RTC-NCR and Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) WIRED

Highlighting the recent event between TESDA RTC-NCR and PUP WIRED, the
collaboration aimed to bridge theory and practice in electrical engineering education. PUP
WIRED, under the guidance of Engr. Benson Pulga and student officials led by Dexter
Daniel Datu, explored potential partnerships with RTC-NCR, focusing on research and
development, skills training, and competitions. This partnership signifies a significant step
toward enhancing the educational experience for electrical engineering students by
integrating practical applications with theoretical knowledge.

On April 29, 2024, TESDA RTC-NCR warmly welcomed PUP WIRED to their
conference room, setting the stage for fruitful discussions. Connie Villagracia, VIS and
Unit Head for Training Delivery and Rita Mae Jordan-Gamboa, focal for partnership and
linkages, provided insights into RTC-NCR’s mission, vision, and programs, laying the
groundwork for collaboration. The visit included a tour of the Mechatronics Laboratory and
PV System Installation, showcasing practical learning materials utilized in training
sessions. PUP WIRED expressed their commitment to exposing students and trainers to
real-world applications of their university education and discussed potential collaborations
in research and skills training.

Looking ahead, PUP WIRED extended an invitation to RTC-NCR to participate in their
upcoming Skills Competition. The competition aims to align with international standards,
with RTC-NCR experts serving as judges and providing valuable feedback. This exchange
of expertise and resources between PUP WIRED and RTC-NCR promises to enrich the
educational journey of electrical engineering students, ensuring they are well-equipped for
the demands of the industry.

PUP WIRED Visits TESDA Regional Training Center – NCR

RTC-NCR’s Mechatronics Trainer Showcased the Learning Materials for Mechatronics Servicing Laboratory

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