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Fortifying Collaboration: Coldfront and RTC NCR Enhance Partnership in HVAC Industry

On April 3, 2024, a significant meeting aimed to expand collaboration beyond supervised industry learning and delve into initiatives to strengthen the partnership between Coldfront Technologies Asia, Inc and Regional Training Center-NCR happened at Coldfront Main Office in LasPiñas City. 

Coldfront, a trusted partner of RTC NCR in Supervised Industry Learning, has recognized the potential to deepen their collaboration by exploring avenues for technical cooperation in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC). The focus of the meeting was on enhancing curriculum development tailored to the evolving needs of the HVAC sector. The partnership seeks to leverage the expertise of both Coldfront and RTC NCR to enrich the HVAC training programs aligning its curriculum with industry standards and emerging trends,Thus, learners will receive comprehensive training that prepares them for the demands of the HVAC Industry.

Beyond curriculum development and employment opportunities, the partnership envisions collaboration in skills enhancement, research development, and other technical cooperation. The meeting concluded with both parties expressing their commitment to fortifying their partnership and working towards the shared goal of advancing technical education and employment in the HVAC sector.

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