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𝐑𝐓𝐂-𝐍𝐂𝐑 and TESDA-NCR Districts showcased its offered Training Programs at the 125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence & Nationhood Event.

An attendee providing satisfactory feedback to the TESDA-NCR.

The 125th Anniversary of Philippine Independence & Nationhood was commemorated with great fervor on June 10-11, 2023, at Luneta Park in Manila City. The event served as a platform for various government agencies to showcase their programs, latest equipment, and services to the public. Among these agencies, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority – National Capital Region (Tesda-NCR) played a prominent role in promoting their training programs. The event was open to the public, allowing attendees from all walks of life to participate.

TESDA-NCR took center stage during the event, with representatives from different districts, and its Regional Training Center – NCR actively promoting their training programs to the attendees. This was an excellent opportunity for the public to gain awareness and insight into the valuable services provided by TESDA-NCR.

The Regional Training Center (RTC) – NCR, a part of TESDA-NCR, co-organized an engaging booth that offered unique experiences for the attendees. RTC-NCR went the extra mile by offering hands-on learning opportunities. They showcased Extended Reality (XR)-based technology simulators for welding and fabrication. Attendees were able to try out these simulators, which provided a virtual environment for practicing welding skills. Additionally, RTC-NCR demonstrated the capabilities of Robotino for Industry Automation, a cutting-edge mechatronics and robotics platform used as a learning tool. These demonstrations highlighted the practical applications of technology in vocational training.

The event saw the active participation of district office representatives of the TESDA-NCR, with esteemed RTC-NCR representatives such as Ms. Joy P. Tumambing, Mr. Junrey Eguna, Mr. Christian Picones, Mr. Regie Pallasigui, and, Mr. Ryan Carlo Clemente, as well as representatives from TESDA-PASMAK, TESDA-Manila, TESDA-MUNTIPARLASTAPAT, TESDA-Quezon City, TESDA-CAMANAVA, and TESDA-PAMAMARISAN as TESDA exhibitors of the event. Their presence demonstrated the commitment and dedication of TESDA-NCR and its district offices to providing quality technical education and skills development programs.

The TESDA-NCR preparing their offered programs and the latest equipment for the 125th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence & Nationhood Event.

TESDA-NCR exhibitors from its various districts representatives along with Regional Training Center-NCR representatives in the 125th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence & Nationhood Event.

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