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Exploring Opportunities: TESDA Regional Training Center NCR initiates partnership with Solaric Corporation Philippines

On March 21, 2024, TESDA Regional Training Center-NCR engaged in an exploratory meeting with Solaric Corporation Philippines. The objective is to establish a partnership aimed at fostering technical cooperation and creating employment opportunities for graduates of PV system program of RTC NCR. 

The meeting brought together key stakeholders, including Ms. Karen Catugas, HR and Admin Manager of Solaric Corporation, and Mr. Mike De Guzman, President of the company. The focus of the discussion revolved around the potential collaboration between Solaric Corporation and TESDA Regional Training Center, particularly in relation to the PV System Program and the Dual Training System. Solaric Corporation Philippines, being a prominent player in the solar energy industry, sees value in tapping into the pool of skilled graduates trained by TESDA.

The meeting between TESDA Regional Training Center and Solaric Corporation Philippines signifies a valuable step towards empowering technical vocational in the country and strengthening an Industry-driven TVET. 

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