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RTC-NCR conducts Preparation and Development of Vision, Mission, Goals and Objective (VMGO) of qualification offered

Regional Training Center – NCR (RTC-NCR) has a role of offering advanced and higher-level qualifications to its clienteles. The RTC-NCR was conceptualized to come up with a state-of-the-art skills training facility with fourth industrial revolution training simulations and programs, and industry-led higher-level skills offering that meet the workforce requirements of priority sectors of NCR. RTC-NCR is also directed to be the center of the Research and Development (R&D) in the Techno-Hub of the NCR.

RTC-NCR currently has registered Programs in Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC III, Mechatronics NC II and II], Commercial Air-conditioning Installation and Servicing NC II], Visual Graphic Design Nc III, PV Systems Installation NC Il, Ships Catering Services NC |, and Trainer’s Methodology Level Ithat needs to improve its training delivery aligned to the demands of the industry and in the attainment of its mission, vision, goals and objectives.

As part of the ongoing commitment to RTC NCR’s clients the highest quality of training delivery and its trainers in achieving excellence through its aims, each qualification needs to be focused and be able to set its own mission, vision, goals and objectives specific to the description of the qualification through a Seminar Workshop on Preparation and Development of VMGO.

The one-day Seminar Workshop was conducted at the Regional Training Center-NCR HVAC Facility with Maria Regina Amores as Resource Speaker and was attended by RTC NCR faculty and staff, District Centers Administrators and staff on September 9, 2023, 9am ? 5pm.

An Opening Ceremony with an opening message from RTC-NCR Administrator, Gilbert Castro, inspiring and challenging participants to develop VMGO to provide personality to their specific qualification handled.

The lectures of Ms. Amores provided the participants a review on the basics of VMGO geared towards revisiting and articulating Regional Training Center – NCR?s (RTC-NCR) vision, mission, and goals. It utilized a blend of theoretical instruction and interactive activities, made participants experience the important aspects of crafting compelling vision statements, powerful mission declarations, and achievable goals. The overarching objective of this workshop has effectively communicated the core principles, aspirations, and long-term objectives of a Regional Training Center – NCR’s (RTC-NCR), thereby facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

The participants presented VMGO of their qualification handled and was opened to insights and suggestions to improve the presented output. Thus, eah participant had developed a draft Vision and Mission presentation to their school heads after the training.

As RTC-NCR intensifies its commitment to excellence through 3 party accreditation such as System for TVET Accreditation and Recognition (STAR), Internal Quality Audit (IQA) and Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC), there will be series of learning sessions, workshop, and capability building program to standardize its operation.

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