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Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines

The event took place last June 27, 2023, at the TESDA RTC-NCR Cold Chain Innovation Hub facility which was facilitated by Mr. Manuel P. Azucena, Coordinator for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness and capacity building among the attendees from the Pambansang Samahan ng Inhinyerong Mekanikal (PSIM)- Manila with regards to  “Global Partnership for improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines” Advocating the use of Natural Refrigerants.

During the meeting, Mr. Jerry Taroy presented the concept of the Solar Powered Refrigeration System, a project proposed by UNIDO and will be subsidized by them. It aims to utilize solar power for refrigeration purposes, promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.

Another presentation was given by Nelson Samonte from Halla Chem Philippines Inc. He introduced “ECOMATE,” an environmentally friendly foam blowing agent. It is used in the production of foam insulation materials and is designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

To highlight the event, TESDA-NCR Regional Director Engr. Jovencio M. Ferrer Jr. discussed the establishment of the Industry Board during the meeting. The purpose of the Industry Board is to foster partnerships with industries and collaborate on developing relevant curriculum for the field. It aims to shift from a supply-driven Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system to a demand-driven one, aligning the training programs with the needs of the industry.

Ms. Connie Villagracia, during her presentation, discussed the Micro-credentialing system. Ms. Villagracia conducted a Validation Activity with the participants regarding the propose Micro-credential courses for the HVAC/R. Micro-credentialing is a system that provides individuals with certifications for specific skills or competencies, allowing them to enounce their expertise in targeted areas. As part of the program, the participants were given on a tour of the Cold Chain Hub facility. This tour provided them with an opportunity to witness the innovation and advancements in the refrigeration technology, further reinforcing the importance of the meeting’s objectives.

Photo of Pambansang Samahan ng Inhinyerong Mekanikal (PSIM) with TESDA NCR Regional Director Engr, Jovencio Ferrer Jr.

In this photo is Regional Director Engr. Jovencio Ferrer welcoming the PMIS and discussing with them about Industry Board

In the Photo is Ms. Connie Villagracia,RTC-NCR Trainer discussing the Micro Credentialing System

In this Photo is UNIDO coordinator Mr. Manuel Azucena in his talk about “Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines”

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