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Empowering the Philippine National Police: Inaugural Training for Technical Group in Basic Automotive Preventive Maintenance

On March 14, 2024, the Philippine National Police (PNP) Technical Group embarked on its inaugural training session with the Regional Training Center NCR, hosted at the TESDA Regional Training Center NCR PMS facility. Led by RTC NCR Trainer for PMS, Mr. Jervin G. Yambao, the session focused on Basic Automotive Preventive Maintenance and Servicing. This event aimed to equip the workforce with the necessary knowledge and expertise to adapt to the evolving demands of law enforcement in the 21st century.

This initiative underscores the PNP’s dedication to investing in the professional development of its personnel. The training program represents a significant stride in augmenting the skills and capabilities of PNP personnel. By fostering opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling, the PNP aims to bolster the overall proficiency and preparedness of its Technical Group.

The successful culmination of the Basic Automotive Preventive Maintenance training signifies the beginning of a collaborative partnership with the Regional Training Center NCR. Subsequent training sessions, including Basic Aircon Maintenance and AutoCAD, are slated to be conducted.

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