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RTC-NCR and Honda partnership in the works for Automotive and Motorcycle Servicing 

Honda Foundation Inc. paid a visit to TESDA NCR Regional Director, Engr. Jovencio M. Ferrer, Jr. through a courtesy call held last February 20, 2024. RD Ferrer was with RTC-NCR’s Center Administrator, Mr. Gilbert M. Castro, and his Partnership and Linkages Team, Niño Enrico Nuevo, and Rita Mae Jordan-Gamboa. Honda for its part is led by its Executive Director, Ms. Crecelle A. San Jose.

Honda presented to RD Ferrer its plan to refurbish a facility inside the TESDA Complex to be the host of the TESDA-HONDA Room. The TESDA-Honda Room is envisioned to be a motorcycle and automotive learning laboratory for the learners, equipping instructors and trainees with the right knowledge and know-how in HONDA Technology. Along with the refurbishment of the facility is the donation of different tools and equipment as well as automotive and motorcycle units to be used for training future automotive technicians. 

As part of its Ways Forward, both RTC-NCR and Honda is looking to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in March to formalize the partnership for the continuous improvement of training delivery in Automotive and Land Transport Sector. 

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