Regional Training Center – National Capital Region




The recently concluded LAB FOR ALL events attended by the Regional Training Center – National Capital Region (RTC-NCR) marked a significant milestone in showcasing their cutting-edge learning systems and promoting various training programs. Held at multiple locations, including Bulacan, and CAMANAVA, Malacañang for their family week event, this recurring event, scheduled for EVERY LAB4ALL Event, unfolded with a purpose — to exhibit and emphasize the significance of RTC-NCR’s learning initiatives. The spotlight of the event was on the XR-Welding simulator machine and MPS-D Station with Robotino, two technological marvels that encapsulate the essence of RTC-NCR’s advanced learning systems. Under the adept leadership of Mr. Gilbert Castro and the assistance of dedicated RTC-NCR personnel, the showcase aimed to provide attendees with a firsthand experience of the state-of-the-art equipment in their training programs.

The event featured live demonstrations by experts in the field. SMAW NC I, II, and III trainer, Sir Christian Picones, and Mr. Regie Pallasigui took center stage, providing insightful demos with the showcased equipment. Their expertise not only highlighted the practical applications of the technology but also served as an inspiration for aspiring trainees, showcasing the potential for skill development at RTC-NCR.Beyond the technological showcase, the event served as a platform for RTC-NCR to actively promote its range of available courses. The team, led by Mr. Gilbert Castro, engaged with LAB4ALL participants, underlining the diverse training programs offered by the center. This proactive approach aimed to not only inform but also motivate potential trainees to consider the qualifications provided by RTC-NCR. The overarching goal of RTC-NCR in organizing such events is to motivate and gather aspiring trainees. By presenting the latest in technology trainer equipment, the center aims to not only attract but also encourage individuals to enroll in the available qualifications. The event was a strategic move to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, laying the foundation for a skilled workforce.

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